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The Regensburg Rebels and their Origins

Our team was proudly founded in 2020 by Esmarie Fournet-Fayat. Esmarie had been playing

cricket for many years and had developed a strong passion for the sport and its values.

At a time of strong restrictions caused by the pandemic, Esmarie decided to spend most of

her free time in creating something new, something that did not exist in Regensburg: a

cricket team able to play in the Deutsche Bundesliga. Using her network in the sport and

advertising in social media and in local restaurants and bars, she could quickly attract a few

curious and interested ladies. As restrictions eased, the ladies met, found a place to

practice, and started to train with Esmarie and Stephanie as coaches.


3 years in the Bundesliga

2020 saw our newly established team play a few friendly matches in Munich. We decided to

register our participation in the 2021 Women Bundesliga (WBL) and called ourselves the

Regensburg Rebels.

2021: first participation in WBL. Due to missing local playing infrastructure, we had to play

all league matches as away matches. Our Rebels recorded their very first win.

Total success: 3 win.

2022: second participation in the WBL. With a local infrastructure now partially available,

our first home matches took place. We could celebrate our first home victory and two away

wins. Total success: 4 wins.

2023: third participation in the WBL. 12 matches were played in the Bavaria pool. We

recorded 1 loss, 9 consecutive wins and 2 matches forfeited due to players unavailability.

Our Rebels qualified for the knockout stage of the competition where we lost the playoff.

Total success: 9 wins.

2023 was clearly a breakthrough. Our team wants to continue progressing, having fun and

playing an active role in helping to improve the society.


Beyond Cricket

We love to welcome new players from any horizons. It brings us a wealth of emotions and

makes our sportive journey all so more exciting. Our passion for Cricket has led us to take a

stand in favor of diversity, inclusion and togetherness. We compete and we have fun, and

we do it together as the Regensburg Rebels.


Become a sponsor now!

As a sponsor, you can be a pioneer too. Become a part of our adventures and feel the

excitement of exploring and discovering a new sport in Germany.

We are very flexible and could offer as example the following advertising opportunities:

- Advertising banner on match days visible in social media,

- Mention as sponsor of the Regensburg Rebels on all our online contents,

- Visibility on our playing kit,

- Your logo on our Cricket bats,

- … and a lot more based on your ideas and expectations.

So, please don’t hesitate! Contact us now!

And let’s talk about how your involvement can help us develop the sport while promoting

the values we stand for.

Help us to develop the Sport


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